Building sequence of the titanic

I like vinyl tape for masking
small lines

I had to drill 1836 hole in the hull
to  install the fiber optic

Cutting the fiber optic
in size from1/4 to3/4 in

Painting the hull inside black
and white on the outside

Masking the white  to paint
the gold line

Painting the gold line
always wear a mask when painting

Masking the gold line
with the vinyl tape

Painting the hull red for
the button of the hull

Painting the black on the
hull is the last color

Fitting the fiber optic
in the hull

Gluing the fiber optic with
white glue other kind
could melt the fiber optic

Cutting the photoetch made
by gold medal model

gluing the first deck after
fitting the light in the hull

First deck with some light

Preparing the second
deck with some light

Third deck with the
cabin walls

Closing the last deck and
putting the top on the rooms

Installing the photoetch
railing and other fitting

installing the ladder on
the funnel

Gluing the rigging
of the funnel

The final touch
gluing the deck chair
in place

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